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Fast Windows Hider

Instant games, such as browser window to hide, chats, etc.


"Instant games, such as browser window to hide, chats, etc."
ww35.fast-windows-hider.zagruzit.com Editor: Never in a situation of some people with sensitive information, the screen looks shoulder Have you? Can you co-workers, foreigners, their spouses and children may have been done, boss. Ever, to play a game I wanted to open an instant message if the office but be afraid to get some rest? No desktop and taskbar do a lot to be disturbed due to unnecessary window?

But all these decisions is a very easy way. Size Fast Windows Hider is available.

Fast Windows Hider is a complete and easy to use security tool, background files, folders, ads, browsers, games, all the desktop (and windows, programs designed to hide the task bar) immediately HotKey a single click or closing them. One more click or shortcut key, and without any loss incognito window is restored. Can turn off all sounds with store. See details.

Hide Windows
Fast Windows Hider Instantly hide any window size by a click or hotkey pressing wants to continue.

Hide Programs
program without closing any programs to keep them behind the plan provides. If a game stops and Fast Windows Hider hides it.

Hide Scanners
Any browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, etc.

Hide Instant Messengers
any instant messaging (IRC, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Skype) Hide.

hide Websites
any web site, sites, Myspace and more to hide.

Hide Group Windows
Fast Windows Hider you can hide windows, as well as several times a single window.

Mute Audio
Fast Windows Hider automatically sound (optional) closes the volume Windows is hidden.
Stealth Mode
Fast Windows Hider you can detect invisible so no one can work. Fast Windows Hider is installed on only its own!

Free-back losses
Hidden windows can restore without any loss.

Save Save List
then you need to configure always Fast Windows Hider you can hide all your personal window. Now you can free download Fast Windows Hider 3.5.0.

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